Vineyards and winery

We have the largest extension of vineyards in the Alt Empordà, the legacy of our grandparents and great-grandparents, the source of our most exceptional wines.

Celler Gerisena has painstakingly chosen more than 30 hectares of old mountain vineyards located at the base of the L’Albera Natural Spot, which are an average of 80 years old. These grapevines grow in poor soil full of slate with low yields: around 3,000 kg/hectare, which confers exceptional quality on our wines.

Its dry Mediterranean climate, whose hallmark is the harsh Tramuntana north wind, whose fury carves out and buffets the landscape on both the plains and mountains like a sculptor, brings its unique character to our wines. Respect for the land is our standard, and this is why we work just the way our grandparents used to, respectful of ecological grapevines.
We feature local Varieties from our DO Empordà designation of origin, including red varieties like black Grenache and Samsó, along with white varieties like white and red Grenache, Macabeu and Muscat.

Today the winery is adapting the Agrícola de Garriguella facilities with the goal of harnessing the latest technologies by creating a micro-winemaking zone. Our facility has stainless steel vats holding from 500 to 10,000 litres, a temperature control system and inerting systems with antioxidant gases, as well as a fleet of new French oak barrels holding 225 and 500 litres to make and age wines under its brand name.